Alan Johnston's Northern Mirror represents the outcome of a major commission on the Irwell Sculpture Trail. The main installation is sited in Outwood Country Park, and has been made in collaboration with architects Reiach and Hall. An exhibition at Bury Museum in April 2007 will accompany the completion of the installation at Outwood; both are curated by Tony Trehy.

This project has been generously supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, Edinburgh College of Art and Bury Art Gallery, Museum & Archives.

The Mirror Analogy: Reflection The minds of men are mirrors to one another………….only in so far as they are accompanied by a reflection of which custom renders us insensible. 
David Hume

“If you become like a mirror
Those who look at you
See themselves in you.
You are then invisible”.

Yves Klein
Alan Johnston, Northern Mirror, Outwood Country Park and Bury Museum, 2007.