Evolution House
Tower of the Four Winds
with Neil Gillespie and Reiach and Hall
Evolution House, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2004-
Neil Gillespie : A Crystalline : Reflection
Alan Johnston

The work of Neil Gillespie, Design Director, Reiach and Hall, has probably a diversity of role and function atypical of most contemporary architects, in this short essay I would like to accept that as an established factor and focus on his work with artists. Primarily on the spaces where artists show their work, and in particular The Collective Gallery, Edinburgh. It is apposite that these spaces are conceived and built without the notion of architectural pretension, or style.

'Art needs space. But artists and architects often have wildly differing notions of what constitutes ideal exhibition space for art’. Although the discussion about buildings to house art is perhaps almost completely dominated by the architects' viewpoint’.

Alan Johnston, 'Neil Gillespie : A CRYSTALLINE : REFLECTION', Mac Journal 5 : New Scottish Architecture, ISSN 1355-3046.
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Edinburgh 2004